Man Spots A Giant Wolf In The Woods, He Gets Closer and Realizes

We are staunchly against the idea of hunters setting out various traps to snag wild animals without even having to pick up a gun and look for them. In our minds, this is cheap and unfair. The animal doesn’t even have a chance to defend themselves and this practice is something that we wish lawmakers would finally put a stop to. Seeing animals who get caught truly breaks our hearts.

In some instances, the animal will even mutilate their own body in an effort to get free. This is the sort of unintended consequence that takes place when people do not stop to think about what they are doing beforehand. We are not the only ones who are against the idea of animal trapping and the three hunters in this story who found a wild wolf during one of their journeys seem to share our sentiment.

They came across a timber wolf that had gotten stuck in a painful looking trap. The poor animal’s paw was caught and they were unable to get themselves. The metal trap had left the animal in a tough predicament and these hunters were not willing to let this moment pass by without stopping to help. The prospect of freeing the animal without hurting themselves was a difficult one, though.

Before attempting to free the wolf, the hunters needed to take a closer look at the trap. Luckily, the trap was a rather rudimentary one and the men were able to work on the task of freeing the wolf with their bare hands. The poor animal was too exhausted to cause any sort of ruckus once they were freed and the wolf was clearly appreciative of the men who stopped to help.The man took their time in putting together a plan and they used a board to keep the wolf from potentially lunging at their legs. The wolf did lash out a bit, but the plan ended up working to perfection. Once the trap was fully unlatched, the panting wolf did not need long to gather its bearings. The animal took off sprinting in the opposite direction and we hope that they did not run into any more dangerous traps.

Would you like to see video of this daring rescue? These men certainly deserve a tip of the cap for what they have done and we commend them for taking the time to assist an animal who was in need of their help.






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